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Becoming a permanent employee/カジュアル従業員における法改正の施行

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1. 該当するカジュアル従業員の有無を確認する 

  • 12カ月以上且つ最低6カ月以上継続して雇用しているカジュアル従業員が対象となります。
  • 又、今まである程度決まった就業時間での勤務をしているカジュアル従業員が対象で、正規雇用後も同等の時間で就労可能なことが条件となります。 

2. 雇用期間12カ月時点から21日以内に書面でオファーを提示する 

  • 過去6カ月以上フルタイム雇用の場合:フルタイムをオファー 
  • パートタイム雇用の場合:パートタイムをオファー 

3. カジュアル従業員は2.に対し、21日以内に書面にて回答する 

  • 従業員より回答が無い場合は、オファーを断ったとして判断が可能 
  • カジュアル従業員で本改正が適用とならない場合、雇用主は書面にて説明する義務がある 



  • 拒否する場合は書面にて理由を提示 


From 27th September 2021, new laws will apply to casual workers who has worked in the same entity for 12 months.  (Details here

Employers will now be required to offer permanent employment to these employees to convert from casual employees.   

Employers can be fined more than $66,000 for failing to abide by the new law, and individuals could be fined $13,000. (Penalties) 


Below is the process of what to do for businesses: 


1. Assess eligibility of casual workers which the new law would apply. 

  • New law applies to all casuals who has worked regular pattern of hours for the same employer for 12 months, and as an ongoing basis for at least 6 months. 
  • Eligible casuals will need to be able to work the same hours as a full or part-time basis without making significant changes. 

2. Make a written offer within 21 days of 12 months anniversary of employment 

  • if the employee has been working at least six months as full-time: offer full-time 
  • if the employee has been working as part-time: offer part-time 


3. Employee is to respond within 21 days of company’s offer  

  • If there is no response, it can be assumed as declining the offer 
  • for ineligible employees, companies are required to prepare written explanation 


<Exceptions: Small businesses under 15 employees> 

Businesses with fewer than 15 employees are exempted from offering permanent employment to its eligible casual workers.  Instead, casual worker who has worked for 12 months within the same business can make a request for conversion to permanent employment.  Employers are required to respond within 21 days in writing. 

  • If declining, the response needs to explain why 
  • Employers can only refuse if there are reasonable grounds (more detail) 

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