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Career Meister is your source for jobs and career opportunities throughout Melbourne.
Our vast network allows you to find a job that fits you, and gives access to experts that will lead you to the right career pathway for the future of your career. Our trustworthy experts not only provide a job vacancy but also career advice.

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Career Meister enables you to find your employer, who needs great people like you.

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Career Meister connects you to your dream job across all aspects of the industries. We have connected hundreds of people in Melbourne with their dream job.

Why Career Meister? We have a strong connection to Japanese companies located in Melbourne and companies having a business relationship with Japan.

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Career Meister is the expert of the human resources with a deep understanding of both Australian and Japanese business market and culture.

We assist you in finding appropriate, skilled professionals who are core elements of developing your business throughout Victoria. We know who and what kind of skills you are looking for.
We have established a strong connection to not only candidates but also employers.

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